25 June 2017

Random Picker Updates Rolling Out

The new release of Random Picker is rolling out to users in a staged roll-out. The new version brings 2 new changes.

  • There is now a new share icon in the top right of the app, which allows you to share the app with your friends. When you press on this icon a dialog will appear which will allow you to send a link to the Random Picker install page to your friends via email or SMS.
  • There is also a new dialog which will appear after +/- 3 days which will ask you to rate the app. This can be dismissed and never shown again. Please take the time to rate the app if you are enjoying using it.
There have also been some stability improvements in the app. Several bugs which have caused crashes on a limited number of devices have been detected and the problems fixed to prevent any future crashes. As new crashes are detected we will fix them and roll out updates. Our goal is to have a 100% bug free app.

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